Fell Championship





Sat 25th Mar 2017 at 13:00

Boulsworth Bog


New to the Dashers championship. Will add details as they become available.  Woodentops video                            

Sat 1st Apr 2017 at 14:00



A classic short but steep race from Barley. Parking is difficult so share a lift if possible. Hospitality normally includes a tasty post-race soup and a cup of tea. Not unusual to see runners in the Barley pubs sharing tales from on high.


Sat 29th Apr 2017 at 12:30



It is a run up Coniston Old Man, so expect it to be tough going. Route also takes in Wetherlam and Swirl How that we will return to later in the year at Three Shires.

Race page


Wed 17th May 2017 at 19:30

Blackstone Edge


Short, steep and midweek.

Reasonably easy start along road and track. The challenge really starts when the route climbs up from an often boggy field. A fine run across the tops through the gritstone precedes a good descent back to the boggy field and on to the finish line.

Expect to see poundshop domestic items as prizes.


Sat 27th May 2017 at 14:15

Hutton Roof Crags


This is the hill to the East of junction 36 on the M6 (Kendal). The route starts in a field and slowly rises up the fell towards a scramble up the loose rocks before the summit. Once on the top, the limestone pavement has plenty of clints and grikes, so watch where you put your feet.

Done it a few times, but cannot really remember much about the organisation or hospitality, so I guess it must be ok.

Race page and map

Sun 4th Jun 2017 at 10:30



 “The long climb up to Cowpe Lowe is relentless, then its down to the Pennine Bridleway (near the final leg of the Mary Towneley loop) and up again past Waugh's well. After the Well carry on up, then right and up yet again to Whittle Pike cross. From there it's a tussocky descent, through some bogs and then a calf-burning scramble up to the place shown in the above picture.   Then its left and a joint-shaterring 1.5 mile downhill sprint on concrete to the field.  Finally you run a lap what feels like the biggest cricket field on mother Earth to cross the finish line.” Taken from racemaps.org.uk

Sun 18th Jun 2017 at 10:30

Settle Hills


The welcome return to our championship of the ever popular Dales race. Registration is at the rugby club and the start is a short walk to the town square. Route is steep at the start, but soon levels out to some lovely paths of sheep trimmed grass. Few ups and downs before the very steep descent down the appropriately named High Hill that is not far from the town. The race then takes a cheeky left turn away from town along a lot of paths and tracks before finishing at the rugby club.

Race page

Sat 1st Jul 2017 at 10:30

Heptonstall Festival


Young children may mistake Heptonstall village for an olde worlde theme park with its narrow streets and wonky buildings. The festival has live music of two stages, beer and street food. Those of us with a literary interest can go and look for Sylvia Plath’s grave in the churchyard.

Race page

Sun 16th Jul 2017 at 13:00

Kentmere Horseshoe


Big race from lovely Kentmere village that takes in a fine selection of peaks around the valley. A stiff start is followed good running to the peaks. Be careful on Kentmere peak as it is very easy to follow the wrong path.



Wed 19th Jul 2017 at 19:15



This classic high moorland route follows good and interesting paths with a few tussocks and chest high bracken thrown in! The route is partially marked throughout but can catch the less observant runners out in mist!!

Wed 2nd Aug 2017 at 19:30

Whittle Pike


Midweek, short and steep.

Share a lift! Parking is really tight in Cowpe. The race is reasonably straightforward, but expect a sting in the tail as you have to run up a playing field to the finish line.

Sat 26th Aug 2017 at 14:00



“The race starts with a loop of the field behind the village hall, then up the main street. The route then climbs gently through two fields. After a scramble out of Swardean Clough the climb continues through the tussocks before crossing the road and onto the moor proper. Climb to Apronful Hill before some respite on the descent to Ashendean Clough – across Howcroft Brook and up the steep climb through the ferns to the wall corner. Turn at the “memorial“ cairn and enjoy the long descent, gentle at first but then steeply down to cross Howcroft brook again. More tussocks before and after the road crossing before reversing the outward route down through the fields and village to finish at the village hall.” Taken from Race page

Sat 2nd Sep 2017 at 11:00

Grisedale Horseshoe


This is a very challenging race; You will need to be fit, equipped and confident to find your own way in the Autumnal mist. The terrain is proper mountain stuff so expect rough ground and lungs full of fresh air. There is a river crossing before the final climb where you will find a rope to cling to if the water is high. All good fun!

Sat 16th Sep 2017 at 11:00

Three Shires


Our only long steep race this year. Start in the race field and either splash through the river or queue up for the narrow footbridge. The ascent of Wetherlam will take most runners about an hour regardless of the path chosen. The track around to Swirl How is quite clear, but you will need to concentrate hard from here to the road crossing as it is pathless and easy to go too far east or west.

After the road crossing, climbing Pike O Blisco is not too difficult, but you will probably be tired. The descent to the second road crossing can be tricky as there are so many paths to choose – try to go south of the tarn rather than heading for Great Langdale. Lingmoor is one hill too many – expect to see broken runners sobbing in the bracken. From the top of Lingmoor, take a look through your tear filled eyes and follow the relatively easy descent to the civilisation of a cheese pasty in the pub.

Race map

Sun 29th Oct 2017 at 11:00

Bronte Way point 2 point


The sensible action is to park near the finish line in Howarth and used the provided transport to the start line in Wycollar.

Quality beer and soup / roll at the finish.

Race report

Sun 3rd December 2017 at 11:30

Wadsworth Half Trog


Figure of eight from Hebden Bridge to Warley Moor Reservior. The route has checkpoints and you will need to choose your route between them.

Race page

Race map

13/1/18 tbc

Ashurst Beacon


Terrain is much like the paths in Sunnyhurst Woods. After a fast start down a little road, most of the route is quite flat, but can be muddy. Halfway around there is a short stretch along a busy road before dropping back in to the woods. The final climb up to the finish line at the beacon is hard work when it is muddy. Pub is quite big and serves a typical range of food.

27/1/18 tbc



Pre-entry price is half the cost of entry on the day.

Race page

Categories explained….

A is steep, B is not as steep. (S)hort is under 10 km. (M)edium is between 10 and 20km. (L)ong is over 20km

Remember that fell running is a lot slower than road running!

Race kit. Check the kit that is needed before you set off.

Championship rules

150 points for 1st Dasher, 145 for 2nd etc. Your best SIX results count and 10 points are awarded for a further TEN races

  TOTAL Boulsworth Bog Pendle Coniston Blackstone Edge Hutton Roof Crags Edenfield Settle hills  Heptonstall fellrace Kentmere horseshoe Widdop Whittle Pike Pendleton  Grisedalehorseshoe Three Shires  Bronte way Wadsworth trod Ashurst Beacon 
Rebecca Simms 725       130 145 150 150     150              
Amy Freeman 450       150       150           150      
Claire Hardy 295       145 150                        
Cath Fox 140       140                          
Francesca Bury 135       135                          
Leanne Walsh 0                                  
Jacqueline Shaw 0                                  
Leanne Postlethwaite 0                                  
Laura Cameron 0                                  
Launa Bibby 0                                  
Rebecca Renshaw 0                                  
  TOTAL Boulsworth Bog Pendle Coniston Blackstone edge  Hutton Roof Crags Edenfield Settle Hills Heptonstall Fell race Kentmere Horseshoe Widdop Whittle Pike Pendleton Grisedale Horseshoe Three Shires Bronte way Wadsworth half trod Ashurst beacon 
Dave Shorrock 885 150 145     10 145     140 150   145          
Chris Cash 860             140     145   135     145 145 150
Stu Smith 750     150 150         150           150 150  
Stuart Ryder 700   150 135 135 135   145                    
Jonathan Stubbs 585     140   145 150 150                    
Michael Wilding 300                     150     150      
Simon Taylor 295       145       150                  
Gareth Davies 295         150                 145      
Gary Taylor 285                     145 140          
George Thompson 285 145 140                              
Jamie Dowdall 285       140         145                
Jim Taylor 270       130           140              
Gareth Taylor 150                       150