Real Ale Wobble

For those of you not yet fortunate enough to have taken part in this magnificent event then here's a brief description - we meet at the Sunnyhurst and then ride an on/off road route to another local pub where you could have a pint (preferably of Real Ale but you don't have to) then we ride to another local pub . Then we ride to another local pub etc etc - you get the idea.

It'll be a nice easy paced ride with the emphasis in the social side. Please PM me or see me at the club for more details. The exact route will remain a closely guarded secret right until the moment that I've concocted it.

You will need the following: a working bike (ideally a mountain bike), a helmet, some beer money, appropriate clothing for the conditions, some common sense & a sense of humour. You may need the following: lights, a spare tube, a pump, a lock, more beer money (it’s a long night...)

Mr Sparkle says "Drink responsibly"