Where does the money go?

It is good to see that so many members of our community choose to support this event; we are very grateful to you all! 

This is a charitable event and we have used the income from entry fees and the generous support from both Heritage Envelopes and Lloyds Trust to make the following donations:


  • £250 – Darwen Rangers have used our donation to provide football kit for children from families suffering financial hardship
  • £250 – Newrad Fisheries used our donation to purchase equipment for their kids club. The money has also been used to provide kit for those who want to try the sport before buying their own.
  • £250 – Darwen School of Kung Fu teach about 70 local youngsters a week. They have used our donation to waive the fees for some children who are finding it difficult to find the funds. The school is also hoping to subsidise a trip.
  • £250 – BwD Acrobatic Gymnastics Club has a membership in excess of 200, of which roughly 10% have come forward looking for financial support with subs, competition entry fees and kit. They have recently been invited to compete in competitions in Wales and Bristol, the cost of which would fall upon the families of those children if there are no sufficient funds to subsidise from within the club.  The club have used our donation to help subsidise the cost of this trip for those who are most in need.
  • £500 – Darwen Aldridge Community Academy. This donation was in recognition of the superb venue that they provide for us.
  • £1000 – East Lancashire Hospice care for our loved ones through the most difficult of times and we felt it was only right to acknowledge the key role ELH play in our community.



£100 was donated to the Accrington College Cadet Force who provided around 20 marshals.

In memory of Don Ashton we have donated £5000 to East Lancashire Hospice.